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Destiny, USA

Destiny USA is the brainchild of Bob Congel, a successful retail mall operator based in New York.  His vision is to create a global centre for all things retail on the site of an existing shopping mall in Syracuse, New York.


His circa multi-billion-dollar vision includes a family of twelve hotel towers located at different focal points in plan around an existing shopping linking an arrangement of leisure and retail themes, such as adventure, theatre, home, ski and sport, all located under one enormous roof covering many hectares to facilitate year-round use.


A total of twelve towers are envisaged of two basic types.  Type A is  triangular tower with sloping facades resulting in eccentric gravity forces on load bearing elements.  Tower type B is a more conventional hotel slab form with bedrooms double loaded off a central corridor.


Height constrained by nearby airport operations, the towers were structurally challenged by soft, aggressive ground conditions and ambitious construction programme objectives.  Cianbro Construction Company advised on construction and two construction options were developed for scheme design; a hard wall/hard wall option, in which all hotel bedroom walls are formed in reinforced concrete and tunnel form construction combined with steam curing permits a 3 day floor construction cycle; and a hard wall/soft wall option, in which alternate hotel bedroom walls are non-structural partitions, facilitating subsequent fit-out and increasing the span of the floor slabs.  Table form construction of post-tensioned flat slabs permits rapid floor cycles with varying back propping requirements a function of construction cycle time and concrete mix design.


Foundations are pile supported rafts with steel piles driven through soft clays to sloping rock head  ranging from 30 to 60 metres below ground.  Permanent cathodic corrosion protection is required for aggressive conditions with foundations further complicated by long term movements of the existing mall, which is to remain operational through most of the works.