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Pathway Developments were considering construction of a residential tower in Wroclaw and retained Buro Happold to prepare a feasibility study and a risk assessment outlining the implications of building options.


Working with Mackow Architects of Wroclaw and Douglas Wallace Architects Dublin office, Chris Bakkala assembled an engineering team of structural, mechanical, electrical and fire engineers and Barker Mohandas of New Haven, Connecticut for vertical transportation.


The Client retained property agents who advised on specific market particulars such as security, air conditioning demand, and market perceptions on means of escape.


The risk assessment included evaluation of 18 storey, 30 storey, and 40 storey options, with quantified appraisal of foundation requirements, superstructure and net/gross floor area estimates.  Particular details included a doubling of escape stair requirements for a building exceeding 18 floors; market preference for convenience over security in respect of elevator configuration options, as well as an appetite for comfort with an estimated 70% take up on air conditioning making centralized land lord controlled chilled water provision an economically attractive prospect.

The feasibility study facilitated securing of project funding.