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Chris Bakkala, Managing Director, has over twenty years experience with top engineering firms designing efficient, economical tall building structures throughout the world.

Our approach to high rise design is founded on working interactively with the Client and within the design team to develop optimum designs to achieve Space and Programme needs of the Client within the constraints and opportunities presented by other building systems such as vertical transportation, mechanical, and building facade systems.

To realise the maximum advantage in structure economy one must identify the spatial requirements of other building systems to establish a context of volume available for the structural frame. Within the available volume we identify strategies for the resolution of forces and then proportion the structure for economy, performance, and ease of construction.

Our structures possess the strength to resist the forces of gravity, wind, and earthquake; the ductility to respond safely and reliably to applied forces; and a dynamic performance which satisfies agreed occupant comfort criteria in any wind climate by controlling building movements and accelerations to agreed limits.

We optimise our frames by a number of methods.  At a macro level, we look at alternative structural forms and component assemblies to suit architectural and building services arrangements, allowing us to quantify the relative costs and benefits of design alternatives. We also optimise our designs numerically to minimise the engineered material and embodied energy in the structure.